Update 7th November 17 Royal Military College Exercise – Whyalla


Ladies and Gentlemen,

This email is intended for widest dissemination. All of the Royal Military College trainees have now arrived in Whyalla.


Tues, 7 Nov

There will be no scenarios within Whyalla. All of the trainees will be confined to Jubilee Park to set up their equipment. Expect to see some military personnel driving through town in civilian cars to familiarise themselves with Whyalla.


Wed, 8 Nov

Between the hours of 06:00am-11:30am, expect to see a number of patrols between McDouall Stuart Avenue moving East to Lincoln Highway. From 11:30am onwards, all personnel will be conducting lessons at Jubilee Park.


Thurs, 9 Nov

Trainees will be conducting lessons in Jubilee Park between 06:00am-07:00pm, including a Vehicle Check Point on Jenkins Avenue (just outside Jubliee Park entrance). Expect to see some personnel with weapons near the rifle club along Broadbent Terrace.


Kind Regards,




Operations Officer – I Class

Royal Military College – Duntroon


Mob: 0429 390 137

Email: james.roberts9@defence.gov.au

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