WARNING! – Fake $50 Notes

If notes appear as the pictured $50.00, contact police on the 131444 number. Police will attend and if possible collect CCTV of the offender(s) and the note if left.

Look – Genuine banknotes contain:

  • The clear window and the area around the window is usually smooth.
  • The window contains printed images or patterns. (Not with foreign writing in blue)
  • Banknotes have fine line patterns on each side and are multi-coloured.
  • If you hold the note to the light you can see the Australian Coat of Arms.
  • Pictures of people important to Australia, wildlife, plants or symbols of Australia.

Feel – Genuine banknotes are:

  • Printed on polymer (plastic) and have a distinctive feel.
  • Have slightly raised printing (dark ink) called intaglio that is used for the main design such as the portraits.

Tear – Genuine banknotes are:

  • Difficult to tear.
  • The majority of counterfeit notes are printed on paper and can be easily torn.

What to do if you suspect that you have received a fake note:

  • Advise the person that you believe the note may not be genuine and that the police will be notified.
  • Notify the police immediately on 131 444.
  • Handle the banknote as little as possible, place it in an envelope or other protective covering (avoid using plastic as the banknote may sweat in warm conditions).
  • Note the person’s description and details if they leave the premises prior to police arrival.

If you are aware of anybody in possession of the notes please contact, Detective Sergeant Stewart Green – Officer in Charge, Whyalla Criminal Investigation Branch – Stewart.Green@police.sa.gov.au

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