Comments on Whyalla Gas Supply interruption

“This is a very unfortunate situation,” said Mr Ron Hay President of the Whyalla Chamber of Commerce.

“When incidents like this happen and the result is extended interruptions to services, in this instance to our city’s gas supply, you are unfortunately thrown into a very different set of circumstances, as how you have to live through your day.”

Mr Hay said, he had been able to contact some of our hospitality outlets to see what effect it was having on their ability to provide full services with respect to dining and in the first instance, “what we might observe is a short period where there is a restriction on what can be offered, until alternative arrangements can be made.”

“However from information provided by Managers or staff of these hospitality outlets, it is my understanding that some do have both gas and electrical appliances within their food preparation areas and can continue on an alternative or reduced menu, whilst one outlet is potentially awaiting the delivery of electrical equipment to try and maximise their ability to cover their dining menu for example.”

Mr Hay said, “although we are witnessing a very positive effort from our hospitality sector to maintain their customer focus and delivery under difficult circumstances, they also have to minimise the cost impacts to their business, which has unfortunately included, reducing casual staffing levels for the immediate period.”

“I would encourage the community to support our hospitality outlets during this period, as they are trying very hard to put processes into place to provide a service to our community.”

“At the moment the whole city is feeling the pressure of this situation, with the public being asked to turn off their gas supply at the main valve, as per instructions, which will also ensure that the impact on the Hospital, is at the lowest level possible under the circumstances.”

Another concern said Mr Hay, “is for our major industry OneSteel, who have been going through some turbulent times in recent months, to now find this situation bringing additional pressures to the business. I would imagine their focus will be to review the impact on operations and if decisions were made to shutdown sections of the plant, render the plant safe for both employees and equipment.”

“The next few days for all of our community will be very difficult, as we try to work around not having a supply of gas for some of our appliances and hot water generation, where we have relied on it for so long”, said Mr Hay.

“We all have to work through this situation, the best we can and show how we can support each other.”

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