Latest NBN rollout forecast for Whyalla businesses

In early April nbn updated its construction plan for South Australia.

With the new forecast (around the first quarter of 2017) of when nbn™ service might be available for businesses and homes in Whyalla, proactive local businesses can now think about how they might prepare to take advantage and make the most of this upgrade in communication network.

It still seems like a long way off, however businesses need a relatively generous lead time to successfully integrate the forecast changes – and prepare to take advantage of the opportunities reliable, fast broadband can deliver.

An interesting read (if you like that sort of thing) is the report delivered in late 2014 SME cloud-based services: overseas successes and Australian opportunities.  There seems an almost endless source of prospects for those in business who are willing to think outside the square to expand their horizons.  These relate to cloud based business tools and business opportunities in areas such as administration and finance, communication, marketing, sales expansion and education just to name a few.

You may also find of interest a SA-focused report by Deloitte, “Digital disruption – harnessing the bang”, available at

To put the time frame into perspective there are different phases to the nbn™ ‘rollout’ within a community that explain why there is such a long lead time to service delivery.  These are:

  • Build preparation – pre-construction activities take place which may include readying Telstra pits and pipes for nbn™ use
  • Build commencement – nbn™ construction partners issued contract instructions to commence work to deliver the nbn™ in the specific outlined service area
  • Service available – Premises within the defined service area are covered by the nbn™ and may be ordered and purchased from a telephone and internet service providers

For more information check out the online interactive rollout map or if you have the interest and the time there are a number of interesting  nbn Media releases that individually provide insight into the vast opportunities which may become available to those with access to the nbn™ including small Australian business operators.

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