Notification of first works for Tender: Cultana Expansion

This package of works will be advertised on the AusTender website from Monday 23 March 2015

Project NPMO 01-0630: Cultana Expansion Area and RAAF Base Edinburgh Demolition Works tender release.

The scope for project NPMO 01-0630 is:

    • Demolition of approximately 42 buildings and structures located within the Cultana Expansion Area and 6 buildings located within the RAAF Base Edinburgh in South Australia.
    • The demolition works include removal of asbestos, removal of underground storage tanks, excavation and stockpiling of hydrocarbon impacted soil and termination of services at the point of supply.
    • There is no asbestos register for the buildings located within the Cultana Expansion Area, tenderers will need to undertake their own asbestos assessment.
    • The excavation of hydrocarbon impacted soil will be limited to the removal of surface staining. The tenderer is responsible for the improvement and maintenance (where required) of the access roads to ensure suitability for the works required.
    • For further details contact Bridget Roder, Jacobs (Australia) Pty Ltd, (08) 8245 5389

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