Presidents Comments January 2015

The Whyalla Chamber of Commerce thanks the community for supporting local businesses in 2014 and we all look very much forward to serving the people of Whyalla in 2015, said the Chamber’s President, Mr Ron Hay.

The strength of our local businesses in my view, is their ability to provide face to face service, thus making sure that the customer’s choice is the right fit, colour and product for them, in addition to providing information, such as refund policies and warranty, which ultimately delivers a complete positive shopping experience for the customer, unlike many online sites.

The above I might add are a significant part of the Chambers Business of the Month criteria and it is on this basis that awards are judged from nominations sent in by the public, said Mr Hay.

In my travels around the community just prior to Christmas, business owners I have spoken to have been fairly positive with 2014 festive period, which is good for our economic position.

2014 said Mr Hay, was a year of many different outcomes, which have impacted on the Whyalla community in different ways.

For example, lower commodity prices, downturns in manufacturing and changes in activity levels for contractors, witnessed reviews of employment levels and spending by organizations.

However, on the up side said Mr Hay, the opening of the upgraded airport, continual improvements to our beach front, the Westland Shopping Centre expansion, the Chamber’s very successful 70th Annual Awards Dinner, well attended mining conferences, the announcement by Mitsubishi Corporation to build a fuel storage depot and Qantas Link’s announcement to commence operations in 2015, all show a positive commitment to this community.

I might also add, when you take into account events that have recently taken place, in the Kite Boarding Championships and the Whyalla Players production of The Phantom of the Opera, these have not only promoted Whyalla in a very positive way, but brought economic benefit as well.
Mr Hay said, my view is that you have to look at the bigger picture for the year and not just the negatives.

In 2015, the Chamber will continue to support business and make certain that business owners and their staff are kept up to date through our networking and professional development forums and will continue to promote Whyalla as the shopping hub for this region, in addition to being part of discussions with key organizations, to assist in creating a position of growth for Whyalla and have a good understanding of what future opportunities may be secured or developed, for long term outcomes and benefit, said Mr Hay.

On behalf of the Whyalla Chamber of Commerce, I wish the Whyalla Community a very prosperous 2015 and look forward to our organization being part of moving this community forward.

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