President’s Comments – January 2016

The Whyalla Chamber of Commerce President, Mr Ron Hay, said 2016 will be a year we have to face head on with positive energy and look at what we can achieve for this community

However, as we move into 2016, I am encouraged by the fact that we have come out of a period that is historically busy for retail with positive feedback from a cross-section of retailers.

To commence our year for the Chamber, executive members will be meeting this month to discuss our business plan and review a number of key items that will continue our focus on our advocacy role, members benefits and our engagement with other key organizations, said Mr Hay.

In our advocacy role, the Chamber will continue to engage in discussions with all levels of government and challenge the thought processes and policies that impact negatively on our business sector and the Whyalla economy in general, said Mr Hay and I can add, that this activity has already commenced with one key organization and we are now awaiting a formal response to our questions and suggestions.

In a number of cases this is not going to be an ‘overnight fix’, but rather a planned approach over a period of time to achieve an appropriate outcome, that will benefit this community, but it may also mean in some instances, doing things a bit differently.

Mr Hay said, one critical consideration is the delivery of good service and products within our retail, services and hospitality sector for example, even when we may be influenced by the negative impact of what is taking place within our community. To qualify this, I know that we do not go out there to provide bad service, but it is a possible state of mind that is driven by influences and perceptions that sometimes just creeps in.

This leads me to the Chamber’s Business of the Month award, which acknowledges good service and when a business is nominated for this award, the criteria revolves around the provision of good service said Mr Hay, so our underlying tone is to drive the delivery of service to a higher level.

As I have said previously, we have just come out of one of the busy periods for our retail sector and I would encourage our shopping public, to go to our website and under Awards, chose Business of the Month and go to Nominate a Business at the bottom of the page to use the online nomination.

I believe there will be a number of examples of good service from our business sector during this period and they should not go unnoticed, as it is so easy to highlight the negative experiences and let the positive ones pass without comment.

Mr Hay said, the Chamber executive will be working hard as usual to assist in making this community a great place to live and do business as our motto says it all: Your Chamber- Your Business- Whyalla’s Success.

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