Presidents Comments – June 2015

The Whyalla Chamber of Commerce will be continuing their series of networking events on Tuesday 16th June, when they host a presentation by the CEO of Petro Diamond Australia and Port Bonython Fuels, for the new storage facility at Port Bonython, said President, Mr Ron Hay.

We (the Chamber) are pleased to be able to bring these types of events to our membership and the general community, as it is important that we continually be aware of what is taking place and the progress that is being made to date.

Mr Hay said, although the construction phase has already commenced, we are very pleased that CEO, Yasuyuki Suzuki, will be presenting on the evening, which will give our members the opportunity to ask questions on this project and receive responses from this senior person in the organization.

Our event said Mr Hay, will be held at the Quest Apartments, Darling Tce at 6-00pm, with the formal presentation commencing at 6-30pm and I would like to thank Petro Diamond Australia and Quest Apartments for partnering with the Chamber for this presentation.

This project is a positive outcome for our community and to register your attendance, this can be done through our website, and click on the event link, or contact our secretary at  said Mr Hay.

Continuing on with our theme of events, the Chamber is now working towards the Annual Awards Dinner, which is to be held on Friday October 30th. As most people are aware, said Mr Hay, the number of awards that are presented has been increased over the years to bring together a very specific arrangement of business awards, which showcase both individuals and businesses and their achievements.

Mr Hay said, with respect to our Trainee, Apprentice, Employer and Shop Assistant Awards, business owners can expect to be contacted over the coming month or so, to be given the opportunity to submit nominations for these categories.

Each nominee said Mr Hay, will be required to participate in a formal interview, which will assist in the selection process.

The profile that these awards create for both the nominees and the business can be potentially used in a number of ways, including business promotions for example. The positive image that is created by these awards is a total plus for all concerned.

Mr Hay said, as many would know, our Awards Dinner culminates in the presentation of the Outstanding Business of the Year, which for a number of years, has been supported by our media partners in Radio 5AU/Magic 105.9FM, Whyalla News and Southern Cross Television.

The nominees for this award are taken from our monthly business award and they also have to go through a selection process said Mr Hay.

It is a very busy time for the Whyalla Chamber, as apart from the above memberships are due at the beginning of the financial year. Will be plenty of activity at executive level to continue to present information and bring appropriate networking and professional development forums to our members and the business community of Whyalla.

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