The New South Australian Regional Awards Program is Here!


A new format, a new way of showcasing the achievements of Regional South Australia!

For 16 years, the South Australian Regional Awards program has acknowledged the many successes of regional South Australia.

This year, the awards will be shining an even brighter spotlight on the great achievements happening in the regions. From 2016, the Regional Awards program will highlight regional success stories throughout the year via a team of regional journalists who will be sharing these stories of success, not just within the region, but with the rest of the world.

To find out how the awards are changing, please click below.

About Regional Awards 2016

The stories we share will be nominated by the public. 

Individuals, groups and businesses living, working or based in regional South Australia can be nominated, either by themselves or another person, so if you know of a business or individual who deserves recognition, nominate them today!


For more information on the program, please contact Regional Awards Coordinator Ruby Hannam on
or call 08 8211 8111.

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