The Year Ahead 2015

Whyalla Chamber of Commerce and Industry president Ron Hay

Looking at the year ahead, Mr Hay said a priority for Whyalla and the region was the creation of job opportunities and a focus on what we do have to offer as a city and region, not negativity.

“It’s about trying to make sure that we set ourselves up for success with opportunities that may be presented to us”

Mr Hay said Whyalla had plenty of potential and looking into the future required a focus on the positive aspects of the city, so we can promote this is the most appropriate way.

For example, promotion and marketing of our city needs to highlight Whyalla as a total package, encompassing leisure, industry, tourism (including our events) and retail shopping to mention some areas. In my view said Mr Hay, it is imperative that we capture the attributes of the city and let others know what we have to offer, that will encourage them to come here on a permanent basis or as visitors and stay for a period of time as well.

At the end of the day, this all contributes to your local economy.

One of the main focus areas for 2015 said Mr Hay, should be the diversification of industry for this community. There is a need to not only look at what opportunities may be presented to us, but also assess what else could be explored for example, if one industry creates a by-product that could be used to develop a downstream product and hence another industry with increased employment opportunities. Of course, everything has to be analysed and thought through, but we need to be proactive in this area as well and think outside the square in some cases.

Mr Hay said, we are starting to witness a number of projects gaining momentum for this community, such as the Muradel biofuels plant, Mitsubishi petroleum storage plant and Qantas Link, however, there is a still a strong need to look at how we can encourage people to come to SA and then set up their business or industry at a local level said Mr Hay.

The Chamber will continue to engage with key organizations and government at local, state and federal levels as needed, to discuss what they are doing to stimulate employment and economies and how they can insist in encouraging new businesses to the regions, to maximise opportunities for our community and deliver longevity and sustainable economic benefit.

In addition to this said Mr Hay, the Chamber will continue to represent the local business community, delivering networking opportunities and professional development forums on the issues that impact on them, including legislative or regulatory changes and access to Business SA representatives for example and ways to provide other relevant and interesting information to our business community.

The Chamber Executive is a diverse team, with a range of backgrounds and skills, which can only benefit this community as a whole, said Mr Hay and we are already looking forward to some interesting times and challenges and the role we will play in the coming year.

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