Whyalla Businesses Have Great Support

Whyalla Business owners and managers, have the two key organizations in Whyalla that offer specific training programs or professional development forums, that provide a level of information to business owners and managers to assist in their day to day operation, said Mr Ron Hay, President of the Whyalla Chamber.

Both Regional Development Australia Whyalla and Eyre Peninsula (RDAWEP) and the Chamber of Commerce have proven over the years that the support offered to small business owners and managers, can be invaluable, in these challenging times.

Mr Hay said, the Chamber and RDAWEP, have always had a good relationship and both organizations may look to co-badge a program or support each other in the provision of specific programs, seminars or professional development forums.

The underlying issue unfortunately, in wanting to attend any type of program or seminar, is time, particularly if you are a small business of only one or two persons, said Mr Hay and it may cut across normal business hours.

The impact on your ability to possibly function as a business (at your normal level) for this time, along with the added issue of missing out on valuable skills and knowledge, can sometimes be the difference between success or failure, in some cases.

One of the upcoming programs being offered by RDAWEP, is a professional development opportunity aimed at small business owners, management and business intenders, to provide an excellent foundation to gain a better understanding of the fundamental principles associated with owning and successfully operating a start-up or established business, said Mr Hay.

I see this a s a great opportunity for owners and managers, to not only listen to what is being offered, but also talk to other business owners, which may result in what is known as the ‘ah-ha experience’ and come away with some valuable ideas, opportunities and experiences from others.

Mr Hay said, depending on what type of issues a business faces or even if they believe they are successful, the opportunity to attend a program such as the one RDAWEP is offering, on their own doorstep, is invaluable within itself.

When representatives of both RDAWEP and Chamber, discuss issues around the operation of business, our focus is very clear. For example questions asked include, what are the issues in business today, what skills do business owner and managers need and what needs to be in place for a business to hopefully thrive?

Mr Hay said, although answers don’t just fall out of the sky, there is a level of consultation that takes place, to make certain that specific issues and skills development are taken into consideration for example.

In reviewing Eyre Peninsula Small Business Training and Mentoring Program, being offered by RDAWEP, the five sessions offer a broad range of topics in Strategic Planning, Business Systems, Business Finance, Marketing Communications and Selling and Servicing Local Markets, provide topics of a specific nature that underpin business operation and ultimate success, said Mr Hay.

Can you imagine going on holidays with no plan or concept of where you are going or no idea of what your budget may be for example? This may suit some people in life, but in business if you don’t have a plan with objectives and goals, financial ability, know your customer base and be able to reach them through good marketing, then how successful do you think you might be?

As I stated before, said Mr Hay, time and employee levels, may be a big factor in the decision not to attend. However, sometimes it is not the cost to attend, but the cost if you do not attend!

I would urge business owners and managers to review their situations and call the Whyalla RDA office on 86457811, to discuss this program and register.

Mr Hay said, the Chamber’s Professional Forums and Networking events are also a great experience and have proven that they have provided timely and specific information to business owners and managers from small to medium businesses.
If you couple this with the Chamber’s recent affiliation with Business SA, South Australia’s peak business body, the information, support and advocacy for our membership, has a very positive future.

Mr Hay said, all businesses are critical to our region, but in particular small and medium businesses are major employers (in the scheme of things) and it is important for our regions that this continues, through a thriving business sector, with great support from key business organizations, so I urge business owners to open up their minds to what is in front of them and take up opportunities as they are presented, to maintain, possibly expand and thrive.

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