Whyalla Steelworks Slabs Arrive in Wales

Global Integration a Reality

The global integration of Liberty OneSteel’s Whyalla Steelworks within the GFG Alliance has become a reality, with the first parcel of Whyalla‐made steel slabs arriving at Liberty Steel Newport in Wales.

After a month‐and‐a‐half at sea, the 24,000‐tonne parcel has now arrived at the Welsh plant, enabling it to begin ramping up production of hot‐rolled coil, as it waits for the installation of its own liquid steel making furnaces.

Whyalla will supply Newport with over 100,000 tonnes of slab in the first year, allowing it to boost output of coil by about a third to meet growing UK and EU demand for steel from industries such as construction and furniture manufacture.

The delivery – made to Liberty’s own wharf next to the Newport plant – was met at the dockside by the company’s Director of Rolled Products, VB Garg.

“This is a milestone in our development as a global business and shows how, by working together, steel businesses at opposite sides of the world can achieve strong mutual benefit,” he said.

“This shipment demonstrates that we are now part of a truly global enterprise.”

GFG Alliance Executive Chairman Sanjeev Gupta said this was just the first major example of the global integration to come.

“While each part of our group will be competitive in its own right, the global organisation, which now employs over 12,500 people, will become stronger through strategic co‐operation,” he said.

“We have exciting growth plans for both Newport and Whyalla, as well as our other steel plants worldwide, and collaboration like this will be a powerful impetus for that growth.”

Since being acquired by GFG in August last year, Liberty OneSteel Whyalla has begun its own expansion plan aimed at boosting production to two million tonnes per year. Whyalla Steelworks Chief Operating Officer, Theuns Victor, said the delivery was the result of hard work by employees and contractors at both ends of the globe.

“It’s quite unique and exciting to see our product being unloaded more than 15,000 kilometres away on one of our GFG sites, where it will be turned into products for use throughout the UK and EU,” he said.

“These exports will be vital in our ambitions to increase our production, reduce overall cost – including logistics costs – and increase our global competitiveness.

“This is the first step in rebuilding the Whyalla business into a thriving and successful business.”


Caption: – Liberty OneSteel Whyalla Transport Manager, Noel Goldsworthy, centre, presents a picture of the Whyalla Steelmaking plant to Liberty Steel Newport Director of Rolled Products, VB Garg, and the captain and crew of the MV Western Miami, commemorating the first shipment of Whyalla slabs to the Welsh plant.

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